Nik Collection 5... well not very happy

What makes you think the nationality of a company makes any difference?

I was born in England but now live in France, so I can speak from both sides.


Many companies have a grace period in which you can upgrade to a new version for free or with a substantial discount. DxO hasn’t, which is a pity imo.

On the other hand, there is no compulsion to upgrade, except one’s own.

Amazing. You have six posts in 3 years and this is what you decided to say? I never thought I would read anything like that here. Perhaps with that kind of attitude you should be using software developed in a country with a culture more to your liking. The advantage for the rest of us if you moved on is that we wouldn’t have to be subjected to any more of your posts. I am not French, but I found this extremely insulting. I hope DxO bans you from this site as a disruptive influence.



I agree with this 100%. I find the comment by @Ronald53 to be very hateful and offensive.

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Hallo Ronald,
I’ve worked with French people of Alcatel in 2 projects and we had a great, productive and also exciting time. In many projects I worked with colleagues from Canada, Poland, Sri Lanka and other nations. And there were always great people, but of course also idiots, and I don’t think you can put that down to nationality.
And I am also firmly convinced that an open, friendly attitude also creates a better atmosphere.
I find your post borderline and maybe you should think about it again.

I hope the forum agrees with me that we don’t want posts like this here.

Have a peaceful time


Welcome to the fleecing of users. A common practice by software companies that think incremental upgrades warrant getting customers to pay over and over. They hype of the software and then we end up getting crap in return! I too upgraded to version 4. I was an original purchaser of nik filters and then when it was free thru google(that was great). Then paid for upgrades and when I complained enough they offered a refund but wanted to remotely access my computer to remove the software. They thought the resolution for 4k was worth the upgrades. Now I just sit back and complain…Glad I didnt pay this year…I am not that stupid anymore…Luminar is similar…they offered lifetime upgrades, then changed there policies.

So here we are in 2022 with minimal voice in the conversations.

Mark, I’m a fluent French speaker and have spent years of life living in France. One could even describe me with justification as a francophile. Yet this way of doing business is extremely gallic.

French companies for the most part condescend to their users, rather than serve them. Our resident angel @sgospodarenko does a great job to bring users and DxO closer together but the company DNA is definitely gallic with thick dollops of French arrogance.

I have no idea why DxO thinks it’s a good idea to double-tap users on upgrades – but it’s not.

Sadly poor corporate behaviour is taking the world by storm. Rather than most software companies improving their behaviour to match the best companies, even the largest companies in the world renege on their warranties and provide as little service and support as possible within the scope of the law. All the while while not paying taxes within the countries where they do business.

DxO at least contributes to the local economy and pays their taxes. Consequently wherever I can I prefer to patronise small software houses where one can mostly count on personal support and the publisher to pay his/her taxes.


Does anyone know if there are any plans to make the updated Nik plugins compatible with Affinity Photo? I have the same issue with ACDSee Ultimate, and have a feeling it’s the same problem. That would sure be useful.

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Would be really good to get input from DXO in this thread, to hear their side of the story. This personally doesn’t really affect me because I am the type of person who always installs new updates to software when it comes out. I am actually happy with the interface improvements of the Nik collection, but it appears that it would have been better to have them all in one upgrade rather than including them in 2 separate upgrades. As well compatibility with other software as plugins other than just Photoshop would be good.

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I’ve been using the Nik Collection version 5 plug-ins with Affinity Photo and haven’t had any problems. I just had to point Affinity Photo (Menu > Edit > Preferences > Photoshop Plugins) to where the plug-ins are which in my Windows machine is C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection\bin\plug-ins.

That’s good news. Any Mac users out there using Nik 5 successfully with Affinity Photo?

Both programmes work flawlessly on my M1 Mac 24".

I don’t know if there is a difference between Nik 4 and 5, but Nik4 works on my MBAir M1 within Affinity Photo

Have all a great day

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