Nik Collection 3 not installing on new Win 10 PC

No luck with that …
May I bother you to be a bit more explicit ?

John M

As in you don’t get any results (talk to whoever set up Windows on the relevant PC) or you don’t know what to do with it?

A search for ‘Windows 10 settings exploit’ found some guides from both Microsoft and third-parties.

It looks like it’s been there since 2019, so there’s even less excuse for DxO not to know that what their software does is considered improper by it, but not everyone has it turned on.

As in; I’ve had a good look around the various Settings options and I can’t find anything related to ‘exploits’ … and I cannot recall having seen any such settings.

Perhaps you’re referring to something related to Windows Defender ?

Edit: Ah, OK - I found it.

For others who may be equally curious, here’s a helpful screenshot;

FWIW: Settings on my system are all ON (by default) and I’ve never encountered any problems with installation of any DxO components.


Which version of Windows 10? I didn’t have to change any of the settings on 20H2, but did for 21H2 where there are more of them.

Looking, one particular exception wasn’t necessary for the former and may well have been the necessary one for the latter.

(Oh, running Windows Security from the Start menu is another way of getting there.)

I’m running it with (not so advisable) admin account – possibly it has to do with ‘limitations’ of the user account.


I’m an Admin on this machine - but I’m using a regular (not-elevated) account for everyday usage.