Nik Collection 3.3 Not working with Photoshop CC 2021

I have installed the latest version of Photoshop CC 2021 and the new Nik Collection 3, running on IMAC IOS Catalina (10.15.5 ) on a late model Macbook Pro, and the Nik Collection does not work. I have never had this issue with the Nik 2 Collection. The problem is this: all of the Nik filters are available in the Photoshop drop-down filters window, but when I open Color Efex or Silver Effects and then apply the changes, nothing is changed on my on my original photo. I am a long time user of Photoshop and Nik plugin filters and nothing like this has ever happened before. I would very appreciate anyones suggestions, thoughts of insight. Thank you

I have the same problem with Windows.
You have to close Photoshop 2021 and open it again to see the effect of NIK Collection.

I sincerely hope you mean macOS, since iOS is only for iPads and iPhones :blush: :wink:

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Thank you, I will look into it and it’s good to know that someone else has had a similar problem!

Joanna: is this really useful information?

Windows 10 Family here, all updates under the sky installed.
I started Ps, Opened a RAW file (RW2) into Camera Raw, changed nothing, opened in Ps itself, made a smart object of the image, opened Color Efex using Nik selective tool, chose the first B&W preset, saved to Ps and … everything works fine. So there’s hope, at least for Windows 10 users.

Thank you for your reply! I’m running MacOS Catalina and I tried to replicate your suggestion and everything worked, EXCEPT when I convert my background layer to a smart object, I sacrifice being able to do a brush application. For me, giving up the the localized brush application is unacceptable. This is the message that comes up in Silver effects before I apply the filter:

"Silver Effects Pro2 has identified that the active layer is a Smart Object and will now operate as a Smart Filter. “The Brush button will be will be DEACTIVATED, and the effect will be applied to the current layer”