Nik collection 2 is coming soon?

(Marc) #1

Funny to read on a different homepage what we do not read here :wink:


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(Mark) #2

Keep in mind you’re getting this information from a rumor site. Clearly a new version of Nik will be coming eventually. It could come out next week, or it could still be months away. We are just customers of DXO, regardless of whether some folks here think because we’re on this site we should be privy to inside information. If they tell us version 2 is coming prematurely they will open up a Pandora’s box of questions and suggestions that will never end until the product is actually released, and if it’s released later then we think it should be, they would get hell from us. When DXO is ready to release they will let their customer base know.



Its already out for testers, there was a thread a week or so ago which they removed, sure an update is coming just no date yet.

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(Mark) #4

I know, I saw that thread which was intended for beta testers. My point is that we shouldn’t assume we are entitled to an inside track on DXO’s marketing strategy just because we’re loyal users and participate on this forum.


(Marc) #5

Oh I totally agree with you :+1:t3:
I only said it is funny.
People could talk about it and dream and be excited without the need for DxO staff to react or customers to be rude or exagerate like we already see it on the forum.

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