Nik 4 Disk is full error message

When attempting to open Silver Efex Pro 3 or VIveza 3 via Lightroom or Photoshop in Windows 10, error message of “Could not complete the Silver Efex Pro (or Viveza) command because the disk is full”. The disk is definitely not full as all functioned properly prior to upgrade to Nik 4. A workaround is to save raw file as tiff and then open standalone Silver Efex via the .exe and all works well. Clearing the cache was not a solution.

Well it’s not a platform specific thing because I’m getting the same on MacOS. I cannot believe NIK 4 was shipped with this bug.

If anyone finds a workaround, please report back.

Apparently, it’s a known problem - and DxO are working on a solution. See here.

John M

Taking a clue from another post I found that processing16bit images is part of the problem. Converting to 8bit is not preferred but is a workaround. BUT… after I finally got Viveza to open and processed an image I clicked "Apply? (while using it as a plugin filter in PS) and the photo came back into PS with absolutely nothing changed!! All the adjustments were gone.

I try to give software developers the benefit of the doubt because it’s hard, But this release was sent out the door only half-baked!