Nik 3 Selective Tool Option in Photoshop Workspace

I understand that you have changed the Selective Tool in Nik 3 to open when an image file is opened.

I would prefer an option to open the Selective Tool when Photoshop is opened so it could be saved in the Photoshop workspace. That way the Selective Tool is always available in the workspace as it was in Nik 2.

Thank you.

See the Settings tab in the Selective tool.

This doesn’t solve the problem. Even if the option is set in the Settings dialog, the Selective Tool panel will not be displayed until PS has been given the focus and an image has been loaded. Which means that you cannot access the Settings dialog of the Selective Tool before an image has been loaded. The Selective Tool panel disappears

  • when all images are closed
  • when a PS dialog box is opened (it re-appears when the dialog is closed)
  • when a plugin/extension panel is given the focus
  • when PS loses the focus

This hide and seek game is rather painful, to say the least. The behavior of the previous version is preferable.

Re: V3 - Selective Tool disappearing

I agree with you; the old design was superior.