News Lens NIKKOR Z for Nikon Z-Fc

Hello I just bought DXO Photo Lab 5, I have a Nikon Z-Fc and 3 optics:
NIKKOR Z28 f2.8 (SE)
NIKKOR Z50 MC f2.8
None of these lenses are available with or without my Z-Fc.
Can add these 3 objectives in the modules available for my Z-Fc.
Thank you for your help

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They need to be requested in the lens database. I will make a request myself later today since I have the same camera.


Good morning Marc. I made this request to update the objective database on the DXO site

I will request these lenses as well. The more requests they get the greater the likelihood of them adding them sooner rather than later.


Yes, you are absolutely right. This is I think the best method for us to get what we wanted.

Indeed an official request is always the first thing to do.
As a second step we can kindly ask @Marie if she can have a look here please ? and perhaps already give us some informations :smiley:

Yes that would be great and very kind of him.


we’ve requested these lenses to Nikon, once we have them we will release modules as soon as possible. Unfortunately I don’t have a date yet.


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Hello Marie. Thank you for the information. The main thing is that your request be taken into account. After the delay will be according to Nikon.