New to DxO, error on DNG edit

Hi Dears,

I just started to give a try to Photolab 4. I selected one of my main photo folder and started playing around. I test some edits on my smartphone jpgs and it’s ok, but when I try opening a DNG from my Leica MD (typ262), it shows error “The image cannot be processed because of an unknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format”. But I can see image in “catalog” view (but with a black thick line on top).
So they’re kinda loaded but somehow cannot be fully loaded.
I’m on trial version 4.2.1 build 56 and MacOS Big Sur 11.3.1 (I suppose both latest versions available).

Anything I missed or I should do?


PhotoLab has learned to display previews in otherwise unsupported files.

In order to check supported gear, use the following support page:

Ok thanks a lot. I saw the typ240 is supported and was expecting mine to be as well (MD typ 262), but seems not… I think that might be the issue. Thanks again