New search feature in PhotoLab 2

Hi John - - You may find this useful: Code snippet for removal of orphaned sidecar/.dop files

Regards, John M

Edit: I just noticed you were present on that thread, John - - Will leave this here, tho, as it may be useful for others.

Its one of the problems that I see DAM development becoming such a drain. If the program can’t even delete all aspects of an image now how much more work will be needed if its used as a DAM? Its all well and good a clean up being added to deal with it but clean deletions are what you expect from a program deleting things not having to clean up as a separate thing. Clearly they will have to get this sorted as part of the DAM i.e. cleaning up correctly but that will be more resources diverted from the large number of areas of the cor program needing improvement, changes or new additions.

The few times I have used Photo Supreme to delete images its managed to do clean deletions including dop’s. But hasn’t been many so I don’t have experience of large numbers.

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Whilst I definitely share your concerns, John, about the diversion of resources into providing DAM capabilities in PL (an ability in which I have absolutely zero/ziltch personal interest - - I just want PL to be the best possible RAW & image processor out there), I hesitate from being too DAMning :wink: about difficulties in deleting sidecar/.dop files associated with deleted images … as it’s not quite a simple as you might be assuming.

That is; PhotoLab (as I understand it) is running on multiple processing threads, each of them taking care of different functions - with, for example, i) determination that a sidecar file needs to be created running on one thread whilst ii) responding to your instruction to delete an image (and its associated sidecar file) running, in parallel, on a completely separate processing thread - - and the O/S being unable (for microsecond timing reasons) to keep both threads equally informed about the presence, or not, of a sidecar file.

All the same, there certainly are methods of ensuring that threads are kept mutually informed - but, it’s not necessarily an insignificant programming fix (esp. when also juggling resource priorities).

Regards, John M

You are probably right, but if you what it to be a DAM it needs to do this not rely on users to run clean ups to clear up after it due to inability to make clean deletions. As such I fear the difficult reprogramming becomes more urgent if you are to sell PL as a DAM which is why I fear what most of us see as more urgent things will be kicked into the long grass again.


So, I never answered this one. For me it would be like 2-3 “bodies” (one may be an iPhone…) and 5 different lenses. But I don’t own a lot of gear compared to others…

Still, same behaviour. To be honest, I don’t use the search at all, mostly because I don’t have an easy way to search just in the current folder. Otherwise it could be a good replacement of the annoying filter dialog, e. g. to find only pictures with 3 star rating in current folder.