New Forum format usage and feedback

(Platypus) #41

And one more thing, on iPad again: when I press the blue Reply button, I get an edit window at the bottom of the screen. When I now want to type something, the edit window jumps to the top. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Grégoire Pailler) #42

We noticed some visual artefacts on the mobile version. It’s on our improvements list.
About the edit window jumping from bottom to top, I think it’s the expected behavior to be able to display compose window and keyboard (it’s more obvious on iPhone I guess because space is really limited)

(Pascal) #43

I gradually get used to the new forum format. The old conventional format was fine for me.
It’s just missing the “next” and “previous” button in the current read mode (categories, unread, new, …)


(Platypus) #44

Actually, the jumping is more obmoxious on the iPad because it is a bigger movement than on a phone…

(Leon) #45

Okay, most issues are already mentioned. Personally I find it difficult to work out what is going on here. It will take some time to learn. The previous layout is like most forums I am on, this one is not.

Regarding the layout of Canberra, since it is about a two hour drive from me, I have been there many times. The layout might look okay on a map but driving around there is not always fun, especially if you miss the round-about exit…

(Bencsi) #46

Dear Grégoire,

During write an answer through this new forum, I found a character not placed in the line of other letters, but triggered an action:


The missing Character is the superscript wave sign ( ASCI 0126 code ).Is this behavior intentionally implemented ?


(Grégoire Pailler) #47

You’re speaking about the ~ character? The shortcut Ctrl+Alt+1 is attached to the Heading button so I guess this ~ sign is on the 1 key on your keyboard :wink:
I think you can use AltGr + 1 to add the ~ sign

(Bencsi) #48

Yes, you are right. This character AltGr+1 was the ~ sign. It is actually changed its role. I can write it through Ctrl+C from your message and copy here only.
In other apps ( Word, Illustrator, DoP, etc.) it works as before. I tried the writing in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. All makes same.


(Grégoire Pailler) #49

Even with AltGr+1 you’re not able to display the ~ sign?

Ctrl+Alt+DIGIT are shortcuts in the create message window. I don’t think we can disable them

(Bencsi) #50

That is correct, AltGr+1 is the combination has changed its role. That is the wave sign. Actually I can not write it that way. By typing the ALT+0126 the ~ character appear. The mentioned Ctrl+ALT+1( on the top row of the letters area ) trigger the ##Heading function. The phenomenon stick to the new forum app.


(Alan9940) #51

Hi Endre,

Where or how do you get those category boxes? I’m running Google Chrome on Windows 10 and I don’t get those boxes. Would certainly be very helpful to filter out only those posts I’m most interested in.


(Alan9940) #52

Never mind…found it!

(Bencsi) #53

Hi Grégoire,

I found again some step back in the forum message sending part compare to old one.
In the past, there was more visual effect to emphasize the words or paragraphs to draw attention to the reader. There were the Bold, Italic, letter color, letter type, letter size and the glowing options. Actually the Bold and Italic options are available only, which are quite not visible under 12pt character size.
I think the letter type, color and size should be useful for more easy reading. On the other hand, some formatting tool is almost out of use: Preformatted text and the horizontal line.

Best regards


(Grégoire Pailler) #54

Sorry for the late reply,

You’re right, color is not available anymore.
For text size, you can use the # character (one or multiple times, see below)


3 #

4 #

Preformatted text is useful when you write path or logs for example, it’s more readable c:\users\%USERNAME%\AppData\
And horizontal line may be useful to separate clearly content in a post

(lincal) #55

Sorry, I misses some EA versions and discovered the new forum some days ago. I understand it has been out just after my last visit for posting, or very few days after.
Since I came back, I try to understand how it works, and its quite difficult.
Sections / subjects are not clear to me, it seems that older posts have not been migrated, it’s very difficult to me to understand where I am supposed to post feedback messages on EA.

Well… I will focus on DOP tests :smiley: