New Dxo user quick question, order of adjustments

I think i read that even if you change the order of the adjustments the engine has a predefined order that renders the image so i would like to know what is that order cause i think it would be better to organize the adjustments having in mind this info, thanks in advance!!

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Hello and welcome to the Forum!

As for your question. Let me ask @wolf to reply.

Svetlana G.

…we’d have an issue if the order of applying changes differed between customizing and calculating output images.

If there were a difference, we’d have a non-zero-probability of ending up way off WYSIWYG.

Thanks for the reply just asking what is the actual order, for example contrast adjustment is performed before the curve tone or selective tone, clear view is performed after exposure compensation and so on

Hello Alexander.

Knowing the exact order of the algorithms in the engine is not really necessary to use them properly, and on top of that documenting all of that will take time, as there are a lot of them. But anyway, as your question seems mostly to focus on the handling of lights, here is a partial short answer: Vigneting is corrected first (as it depends on calibrated data), then exposure, smart lighting, selective tones, contrast, clearview, microcontrast and then custom tone curve. Hoping this answer your question, have a good day!



Thanks that was the mainly what i needed to know

Thank you for this piece of info. I think it should be in the manual somewhere. I hope you don’t mind another question…

What I’d like to know is which tools operate before demosaicing (my guess would be Raw White Balance, PRIME, Chromatic Aberration?), and do the colour manipulation tools come before the tonal tools? I’m specifically interested in when the Color Rendering tool takes place. Is it right after demosaicing? – in other words, do the tonal operations like Exposure Compensation happen in a linear space or do they take place after the base curve used by the Rendering profile?