New DxO Photolab user (ex Lightroom user) - My thoughts after a week

Thanks both @John-M and @sgospodarenko

I must have had a Homer Simpson Doh! moment as initially I could not get it to switch because I was “holding” the double ended arrow (marquee?) on the corner of the crop box…and discovered inadvertently that the marquee needs to be outside the box to trigger the action ~ watching Svetlana’s video more closely (it is quick ?) that is exactly the way to action it ~ phew problem solved.

PS getting it to trigger using my ball mouse is a tad sensitive…but it does work :smiley:

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This question is asked so often, that it indicates a usability problem. If there were an explicit button in the crop toolbar to switch orientation, it would save much time on both sides.


I did a test about picking up to change/flip and it works quite well at all corners. So the only small but visible change could be a icon at one (left lower corner?) as a <-> curled double arrow which you can click on so people are eyeballed to that icon and click and hold/move for flip from r to l and back.

(now i can use all corners)

On thing i always miss a possibility to key in size like “1980x2500”
now you have :
autobased on key stone
i would like this option also:
4592x3448 (this is max pixel count of my camera)



Yep, true. We’ll think over it.

Thank you

Svetlana G.

A tooltip when you grab the corner - “Drag to change aspect ratio” - would do the trick. Or perhaps make it more prominent in the manual. It’s intrinsically more efficient to allow a single motion to change aspect ratio than to have to stop and check a box for vertical or horizontal.

If a vertical aspect ratio checkbox is added it should be sticky, so that if you do change aspect ratio deliberately it stays vertical until you choose to untick it (as I expect most photographers will be more likely to do a sequence with a similar aspect ratio).


That is, what I would have expected too. The other handling is a miracle for me (I didn’t knew it yet, but works):wink:

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