New DxO ONE features and accessories

Hi all,

The DxO ONE now supports Multi-Camera Facebook Live* and Time-Lapse* features! We are also proud to introduce new accessories, as well as an Early Access Program for Android

Facebook Live

Stream live, professional-quality videos on Facebook. Your DxO ONE and the two cameras on your iPhone combine to form an ultra-portable TV studio: switch between three different points of view and create incredibly dynamic live montages!

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Making stunning time-lapse videos has never been easier. Effortlessly achieve perfect results, thanks to an intuitive interface configuration and Auto Ramping technology, which makes post-processing optional!

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New accessories
A Battery Pack, that extends the DxO ONE’s battery life, a Cable Back Door, to easily charge the camera when using the Outdoor Shell, as well as a new Tilt Stand, come to enrich DxO accessories.

Android Early Access program
Prior to October 16th, 2017 the DxO ONE was designed exclusively for iOS. This enabled us to focus on creating the best possible product experience on one platform before extending it to others.

After months of development, a DxO ONE camera made for USB Type-C Android phones is available through an Early Access Android program:

*Available with version 3.0 and higher of the DxO ONE iOS app.