New crops in PL3

As with a number of problems raised over the weekend no one from DxO apeares to be responding to the fourms today (or week?)

Hi everyone !
Well it’s true that when @sgospodarenko is not around, we always seem less presents on the forums.
But I can assure you we try to follow what is discussed as much as we can.

Regarding this issue, we’ll fix the behavior to get more consistency out of this new ratios.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Best regards,
The DxO Team


Using cropping today I find the 5:7 was popping up the reverse of whatever the image was. In landscape it was portrait and vis a visa, clearly a bug as no one, surly, would intend such odd behaver? Once it or anther one was used it was OK and it open in the orientation of the image.

John, it seems to me that DxO staff got the message. As CaptainPO kindly wrote, they’re going to work on it! :smile:

I hadn’t seen it behaving like this befor.

Thanks, but I hope you’ll deal with the other misbehaviour as well. There’s more than the orientation of the new ratios, as I pointed out in a follow-up.


@asvensson > Indeed. Those are taken into account as well as they’re more bugs to fix to make this feature consistant.


Great, thanks.

Hello asvensson,
About your report on crop, i can separate on different issues:

  1. About Aspect ration list, yes we will reorder the list as following


  2. About the crop frame is not centered when applying a crop ratio after reset, it’s true but not a bug. Why? Because when you apply a custom crop --> the crop correction is switched to manual mode (you can check the crop palette), if we reset the crop (from crop toolbar), the crop correction is still kept with manual mode. If now we change the aspect ratio, the first corner of crop frame will be based on top left of image
    If crop correction = Auto mode --> the crop frame will be centered for any aspect ratio changes
    But we will investigate on it to be more efficient.

  3. About the bebaviour of the pointer, i cannot reproduce it, can you add more detail or a scenario step by step to help us identify issue and fix

Thank you,


This doesn’t appear to deal with the problem of the crop NOT opening in the orientation of of the image but the reverse, in 5:7 and which if intended is not very useful .

Hello htran.

Sounds good, so 5/7 and 8.5/11 instead of 7/5 and 11/8.5 was relevant.

This is just telling me why it is like it is, but the behaviour is still not very useful.

Why should selecting any crop from the dropdown give me frames outside of image? Possibly if I’ve actually moved the frame outside of the image, but otherwise the most useful behaviour is arguably to give me a crop frame within the bounds of the image. You might want to add something like a “constrain crop” option to the tool to control it, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve wanted to crop outside the bounds of an image.

As I wrote, I can’t reproduce it consistently either. It happens sometimes, sometimes not, but I have run into it on three different computers so I suspect you just have to test more.

You missed two: choosing Unconstrained after your second point giving frames with the wrong ratio, and Reset -> Close giving the unconstrained image instead of the Original crop that’s displayed after Reset.


Add comments on
7/5 (ISO A) and
11/8.5 (US letter),
it’ll be wonderful :smiley:



Please, no … just more clutter.

Although they could satisfy us both by letting users add and name presets as they wish. A hard-coded list is never going to satisfy everyone.

Actually, this is probably what auto vs manual mode should be. The current behaviour just helps with placing the initial crop frame after a perspective correction. It doesn’t help me stay within the bounds of the image at all if I want to move that initial selection, which is much more often than not.

Selecting the desired aspect ratio and whether or not to stay within the bounds of the image are two entirely separate issues, which the current auto/manual mode couples for no apparent reason.

After just finishing over 100 imiges of an event all needing to be finished in 5:7 please can the odd default way it reversed the original orientation please be sorted!

Il y a un contournement simple possible (Windows, Mac je ne sais pas):
Dans la palette recadrage, effacer l’entrée “Ratio” et taper 7/5.
Cette valeur sera conservée pendant toute la session dans la liste déroulante. Il y aura donc dans cette liste 5/7 et 7/5 à choisir en fonction de l’orientation de l’image.

There is a simple workaround possible (Windows, Mac I don’t know):
In the crop palette, delete the entry “Ratio” and type 7/5.
This value will be kept throughout the session in the drop-down list. There will therefore be in this list 5/7 and 7/5 to choose according to the orientation of the image

The only workaround on Mac is to type the desired ratio every single time you need it: there’s no persistence at all.

I wish they would just make the list of ratios configurable and be done with it. (In addition to fixing the current orientation mix-up and more of course.)

For your info,

  1. the crop ratio list will be reordered and in the next release
  2. When you reset the crop correction from crop toolbar, crop mode will be reset to "Auto based … " as well

Yes, but what behaviour do you mean that explains? A little more detail would be good, because I don’t see it.


Surely the simplest and most logical solution would be to list the crop ratios in order of “width” (i.e. starting with 1:1, 5:4, 7:5, 3:2, etc), and to use the existing orientation (landscape or portrait) of the original image as the starting position. This would be predictable behaviour, and most often likely to be the correct choice. In the less common situation when want to make a vertical crop from a landscape format image, you just reshape it by dragging the corner.