Negative control points and minimizing and maximizing screen

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to apply negative control points in Viveza 2?
Color Efex has a button that applies a "negative control point with 0% opacity.
PL4 simply allows you to hold “alt” to place a negative control point.

Also, is there a way to minimize or maximize the Viveza screen? I can’t seem to find the usual icons in the top corner of the screen. I have a 27" 4k monitor.

Thanks very much.

With Viveza, once you have completed the actual control points you want and made the adjustments, simply add another control point(s) to areas you don’t want affected and do no adjustments and they should cancel the effects out.

Hello Aaron. To expand Viveza 2 to full screen: Simply press the f-key on your keyboard.


Thanks very much Stephen and Mark! I hope that DXO standardize controls across the Nik Collection and PL some time in the future. Ie, “M” display control point area of effect and “alt” click for a negative control point.