NAS compatibility with Photo Lab 3

No problem .-)

I have a 500 Go internal SSD and manage to keep enough space to work.
When needed I remove raw files already worked.

Hi Patrick( @Pathal ),
do you really remove Raw files? That’s the originals…what if the raw converters go better with every version?
Only a question, because if any newbie read our thread, maybe they will delete all raw’s after developing to a jpeg :wink:
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I guess you miss my previous post:

Of course I don’t delete raw even after exporting to jpeg. I copy all my raw on my NAS and on another external HDD which I take with me when I’m away from home.

Puuuhhh…thanks :innocent: now i can sleep peacefully :sheep:

Thank you very much.

Hi, From my side on Mac, my NAS (ASUSTOR) doesn’t appear under PL3 (I have to move my files on different storage locations before using with PL3. It’s the same with iCloud. But PL3 seems to be work (I don’t use) with OneDrive, Creative Cloud and Dropbox.
PS and LR works fine with my NAS.

Synology drive is an option if your network is not fast enough. You have a local copy on your computer that is automatically synch to your NAS.

I’m using Synology DS214 with Mac mini 2018. Raw files are only on NAS, Mac is connected through 1GB LAN. Switch and router of course also work in 1GB. PL3 works fine with RAWs directly on NAS. But I have 15MB Nikon RAW files and don’t have comparison with bigger files.
The way is how mentioned above - current project to be done on local SSD (mine is 256GB and is sufficient) and then move to NAS - but you need to let PL3 know, where you moved the files.