Module for Nikkor Z 24-70mm F/2.8S

(Patrick Bostyn) #1

Hello, when will this new lens for Z6/7 be supported in DxO Photolab?
Kind regards.

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(Pathal) #2


And what about Nikkor Z 14-30mm f4 S?

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(Peter Looper) #3

This is urgently required as it is such a wide angle lens and we need a module to correct distortion.

(Patrick Bostyn) #4

Still no answer… When will a module for Nikkor Z 24-70mm F/2.8 S (Z6&Z7) be released?

(Marie) #5


we will support S 24-70mm F2.8 and S 14-30mm but it will be for this summer.


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(Patrick Bostyn) #6

Thanks for you answer.
I hope summer will come soon this year :slight_smile:

(Patrick Bostyn) #7

Why not to use RAW’s embedded profiles instead of proposing false modules?

(Platypus) #8

Check here for roadmaps:


List is not even sorted so searching camera per browser search… and Modules link does not work.

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There’s a huge backlog in lens profiles so communicating a clear roadmap would be good especially for new business.

And by the way: what to do when you use more than one say 2.8/24-70???

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(Platypus) #11

It depends on whether these lenses are different brands or models of a type… If you have several lenses of the same brand and model, you just need the module that fits your lens-camera combination. DxO modules always fit one specific lens-camera pairing and cannot be used for the same lens on a different camera.

DPL usually derives the correct module from whatever metadata they read from the image (file) to be treated. Using new lenses on old bodies can hinder that analysis as is the case with lenses that don‘t talk to your camera. I sometimes use my old medium format lenses on my digital cameras and therefore cannot use any module in these cases.


Thanks but if you look carefully at the screenshot Patrick sent (above) you realise that PL offers you to use one of different modules (Sigma, Nikon or Tamron) Strange! So what to do when I have say a Nikkor 1.4/50 and the Sigma 1.4/50 ART? There is good reason to use both of them but once decided for a 1.4/50 module you are actually fixed to that.

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(Christian) #13

In the case PL can’t decide which of two installed modules it should choose PL should come up with a module ambiguity icon (see If you use the lenses in one session it will still be difficult to resolve. But that sounds not logical to me.

(Patrick Bostyn) #15

In July ???

(Pathal) #16

In another post, Marie explained that for some reason they had to postpone the update: EOS R Support

(Marie) #17

Hello @Europat,

I’m sorry we didn’t update roadmap on our website. Release has been postponed to August 7th. So there is just a few days to wait.


(Patrick Bostyn) #18

Hi @Marie, it’s my turn to say sorry.
I spent weeks in an area with almost no internet coverage (56K modem was there the TOP!).
So happy to be back and able to process my (Z7 - Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 S) photos.
Kind regards.