Missing upgrade discounts due to not receiving newsletters

For the second time I it’s been months since the introduction of a new version of Photolab and again there was no newsletter (also not in spam) while I am subscribed.
In Photolab 3 I only get messages about new versions of 3, not a word about a new version 4. That makes even less sense.

This is very annoying not only because I’m working with an older version for months but also because I’m missing out on the initial discount for the second time.

I’m posting this here since the support platform seems to be down.

When I check my DxO shop account, I get upgrade prices for ancient releases of OpticsPro and PhotoLab. When I stay in the shop for a while, I get a popup offering additional discount… Today, I get this:

I assume that this also works in your case. It’s also a good idea to check your software providers’ websites around black Friday, cyber Monday, X-mas etc.

If your current release supports your cameras, you might also wait until DPL releases a new version, whenever this might happen. If you’ve subscribed to the respective DxO mailing, you should get the news in time.

Thanks, I get that popup too but it links to new prices not upgrades :slight_smile:

For some reason I get no mails from DxO even though I’ve been subscribed.

EDIT: I think the problem lies in the fact that it seems impossible to download the trial from the account area. I have to re-enter my mail address in order to download the trail so it’s probably registered twice when I downloaded the 3 trail or something.

Did you log in to your account and are you looking at the “My Software” selection from the left hand panel? In there you will see all the software you own and any applicable upgrades.