Missing posts from the new Forum

(Bencsi) #1

Dear Grégoire,

I was checking some of my old entry to the v12 Forums and found: some post were not imported to the new Forum. Please find the 2 screen-shot - made at the same day - from the old and new forums.

By the way, the reply also would be appreciated.

Best regards


(Grégoire Pailler) #2

Dear Endre,

The missing posts were bugs I guess. We were not able to import bugs created in the old forum.

(Bencsi) #3

Dear Grégoire,

What shall I do ? Import manually to this forum ?


(Grégoire Pailler) #4

I think we can keep old bugs in old forum and maybe only recreate the actual issues.
@sgospodarenko what do you think?

(Svetlana G.) #5


Yep, I agree.
Svetlana G