Missing Export to Disk and Nik buttons

I work with a MacBook Pro M1 Max and an external LG 5K Ultrafine display. Usually, the laptop screen is closed, i.e., I don’t extend my desktop with it. When I disconnect the the laptop from the display by unplugging the Thunderbolt cable and run PhotoLab 5 (version 5.0.1 build 41) off the MacBook Pro built-in screen, the Export to Disk and Nik buttons at the lower right are missing. When I then connect to the LG display again, the buttons do not reappear; at this point, the only recourse I have is to reinstall PhotoLab 5 again. It looks as if going to the smaller screen overwrites a setting that prevents the buttons from showing up. Needless to say, this is not very convenient! Has anyone experienced this and is there a workaround? Right now, I’m resigned to not launch PhotoLab 5 when my LG display is not connected. Yes, I do know that Export to Disk can be accessed via the Image–>Export–>Export to Disk submenu, but Nik by DxO plugins are not accessible that way, and I use those a lot!
Thanks in advance for any insight,

Would not it be the image browser that would be hidden ?

Ah, to say that I feel not just a little stupid now would be an understatement! This never occurred to me because the individual image didn’t look that big (compared to the 5K screen), but you are right, a simple SHIFT-TAB solved the issue. Now I can use DeepPRIME on the road! Way to go, thank you Frank. If this were video, you’d see my sheepish grin…

happy to help you :handshake: