Minus control poin

Thanks for the clarifications. I’m left-handed, and I normally use the Alt key on the right side of the keyboard. This seems to not work, at least not consistently work. When I use the Alt key on the left side of the keyboard, the negative control point is consistently generated.

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Yes, there seems to be a bug that only the left ALT key will work. If you use the right one, it just adds another control point. I have noticed this myself. I’m right handed but still would try to use the right ALT key since it’s right next the M key that I can toggle the Mask on and off.

You are welcome! So yes, it was designed like this - a combination with Alt draw a negative control line/point and AltGr - nope.

Let me ask @StevenL to have a look at this problem and decide if it’s possible to improve.

Svetlana G.


I just tested this myself and I could only create negative control points using the left Alt key. The Alt key to the right of the spacebar does not seem to work for this purpose…


Yes, Mark. This is exactly what I wrote above - ‘AltGr’ or Alt (depending on the layout of the keybord) on the right was not designed for negative control points/lines. Maybe I was not clear enough in the above post, sorry.

Sverlana G.