Make Nik Collection for Apple Photos (Extension)

I don’t use the products that currently benefit from the Nik Collection. I used Apple Aperture from the beginning. (Actually it still runs on Mojave - go figure,) The Apple Photos app is sufficient for my needs presently and with powerful extensions it is pretty sweet. The older free Nik Collection works fine but I like to keep my software up to date. Do you plan to release a version of the Collection for Apple Photos?

Thanks for considering!

You can use DxO Nik with Apple Photos vis Edit With on the right click menu. Does that not work for you?

It does work with the original free version. I did not purchase the current version because no where is it mentioned that it works with Apple Photos.

So you are saying that the paid license works with Apple Photos as another extension?


I am saying it works with Edit With in Photos. Try it and see. It is not an extension but It works and sends an edited image back to Photos.

Just tried it. Right click and it does send the image to DxO Nik for editing but when saved the image does not seem to go back to Apple Photos. Not sure where it goes yet!

Ah there is an oddity here. I sent a raw file to DxO Nik (via Edit With) which arrives in Nik as a tiff, which is what one expects. Edit same and save and the image is sent back to Apple Photos as an adjusted raw (when in reality it is a tiff). Photos stacks the changes just like using an extension and you can revert to original ok. Why Apple Photos insists on calling it a raw file though completely escapes me - but then Photos is a bit of a mess in my view, which is why I stopped using it for anything other than somewhere to store my finished images. You should try it out with the trial (I believe there is a free trial) as it might do all you need.

Also tried it out on a tiff image in Photos. It sends a jpeg to Nik. Now why would it convert a tiff to a lossy format like jpeg. Apple Photos is certainly not for me.

Thanks so much for your help with this question. I was afraid to purchase the collection only to find out that it would not work from Photos. I just purchased the collection and installed it, Everything works perfectly. So happy to have latest Nik apps working with my pictures!

Happy to help and pleased it works for you :slight_smile: