Mac: Is there a way to install the Nik Collection in the filters folder of PhotoShop Elements 2022?

I just downloaded and installed Photoshop Elements 2022 on an iMac (Catalina OS), and was wondering if there is a way for having Photoshop Elements recognizing the Nik Collection. I do have version 4 of the collection in the “Downloads folder.” I tried to reinstall it, but the installer indicated the following:

a. It did not find Photoshop Elements, just other apps such as DXO PhotoLab 5, and so on.

b. Also that there is a newer or updated version 4 already installed (probably within Photo Lab 5), and… asked if was certain about replacing the newer version in my computer with the older version of the Nik Collection 4.

I didn’t proceed with the installation, since the installer did not “see” Photoshop Elements.

no PSE 2022 mentioned

Note: I don’t have PSE, so all that follows is a wild guess…

During installation (and in the panel that sees other apps), you can press the plus sign below the list of applications and add a path of your choice, e.g. the folder where PSE plug-ins usually reside.

PSE might then be able to call the plug-ins - and you’ll find out if they cooperate or not.

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I will give it a try and see what happens.


I tried what you suggested, but the Nik installer can’t find nor open Photoshop Elements. Well, Photoshop Elements is “grayed” out or invisible.