M1 Macs Photoshop Native Support Now Available

If you value your Nik Collection 3, don’t update to Photoshop 22.3 which brings native support to M1 based Macs. My Nik Collection is gone, I’ve tried reinstalling, it goes through the installation just fine, but they are nowhere to be found in the newest version of Photoshop. I also lost my Raya Pro 5.0 editing suite as well.

I’m willing to bet DXO will come out with a version 4 we’ll have to purchase just to get working software with the latest Photoshop update from Adobe.

Another user here might have a fix. You can search the forums, as several topics have been opened about it. I also suggest you open a support ticket at support.dxo.com.

Try this:

This is a Photoshop issue as it transitions to UXP Panels. It not only affects Nik but also other panels e.g. Lumenzia. I am running my M1 MacBook with Ps 22.3 on Rosetta and notice that the Extensions Menu is now listed as Legacy and both Nik and Lumenzia are working as normal without any noticeable change in performance.

Running PS 22.3 under Rosetta has no impact on the plugins, the issue occurs when you run it as a universal app.

How do make PS run under Rosetta? My 22.3 doesn’t show as Universal but rather as Intel and I do have the issue of missing NIK.

Sorry for the dumb question but I’m a Mac noob!

Ps on Intel Macs cannot be run with Rosetta. Rosetta exists on Apple Silicon Macs only.

Unter Affinity Photo 1.9.1 Nativ (M1) funktionieren die Nik-Filter auch nicht. Die Nik Filter müssen von DxO universal umgeschrieben werden.

I am on a M1 Mac Mini!

Strange… Info looks like this on my MacBook Air (Big Sur 11.2.2)

I also notice a difference in size and Erstelldatum… As far as I know, version 22.3 was published around March 10th, your install date is before that.
I’d check for updates again…