Login problem

When I connect to the site, I have to enter my credentials twice.
This is the case on all my pc.
Is it the same for you ?

Login to the DxO Forum works with entering credentials once only in my case.

I’m on Safari on macOS Mojave.

Thanks, for information i’m on Firefox on Win10

Chrome Browser on W10 remembers details and logs straight in. Guess it’s something local.

I have 2 cases, at home Firefox remember my login and at work I enter my login but it is the same thing each time I have to do it twice
And this is the only site and forum where I have this problem

If you set the browser tab to incognito and then login.
Do the same double login procedure occur?

I once had this problem with another site. Try clearing the browser cache, temporary files, or cookies.

With firefox I tried with private mode and no change.
Each time firefox closed, it automatically deletes cache, temporary files, or cookies…