Log out strict


Is it possible to disable this option ?

I find it annoying that all my (personal) devices gets disconnected from the forum when I logout on one (not personal) device.

What do others think about it ?

Thank you for reading.

Although I personally don’t have this issue, I can understand your frustration. I never log in to any site requiring a password on a device I don’t own.


Oh yeah, I do the same :sunglasses:

But there are computers you can trust but do not wish to stay connected. Or just want to log quickly on your phone but if you log out on the phone your iPad and computers are out too.
I prefer the good old way of “per device”.

Why do you log out from your phone? At least half of my posts here were done from my phone, the rest on my desktop computer. I have never logged out of this forum on either device. In fact I have been continually logged in here since May 14th, 2018.


I don’t get it. Where do you see this option? (I don’t speak French.)

I just tried: I logged out from my tablet and could still go to the site on my phone without having to log on again.

I see it in the administration panel of the forum ( I did set up such a forum for my group so I can now see the backstage ).

I not only log out from any sites but I also clean my cache from time to time.
Even on my own devices, I close my open sessions. I never let a bank app logged in or whatever. But I do use my fingerprint to log in.

Cleaning the cache (rather: cookies) on one device can’t log you out from the other. Since I’m not logged out from other devices I doubt that the forum is the issue.

Sorry, I did not mean it is the issue. I will edit my previous answer.

Actually it is not an “issue” it is a “behaviour”.
If nobody never ever log out it would not bother anybody to change this setting. For the ones, like me, that would appreciate to log out only one particular session it would be helpful. Anyway nothing big.

I see, but I still don’t get it. In my user profile I can even see which devices I used and can logout each individually. I could see logins from weeks and months ago. If the logout was ending all sessions that wouldn’t make sense.

Okay I did another test. This time it did not log me out everywhere.
I will keep an eye on it.
Do you use 2FA ? I do.

No, I haven’t enabled 2FA yet.

Allright. Thanks. :grinning:


This option is disable on our side.

I will double check if I can do something about it.

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Thank you for the feedback :ok_hand:t4: