Local adjustments keyboard shortcuts


Hi, I am new to DxO PhotoLab and I have a question: are there any keyboard shortcuts to enter specific local adjustments tool?

It would be great to click for example “B” or “Ctrl/Cmd + B” and have the brush tool, “G” / “Ctrl/Cmd + G” to have graduated filter and so on… This would be a real timesaver for me :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any of this in documentation nor forum, so can you guys help me a bit? :wink:
Thanks in advance, M.


Menus & Keyboard shortcuts here.


I looked it up in “Keyboard shortcuts” section, but there is no such thing as I described.

(Pascal) #4

Not yet :frowning:
You can vote for :wink:

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(Svetlana G.) #5


There are no keyboard shortcuts for Local correction tools for now, only for some GUI and the info you can see in the LC help window:


Pascal is correct, vote for it if you want it to be implemented.

Svetlana G.


Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:
Voted :smiley:

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