List of Bugs in PL4.1.1


I guess it depends on how you look at it.

For you, these are filters, that filter anything else. Then this all makes sense how it is now. I have never thought of it as filters. For me, I looked at them as tabs or like ribbons in Microsoft Office. So every tab is a separate menu. That is why I was not aware of it that you are even able to deselect a tab/filter. I thought, you only have the option to switch from one tab to another. And with that way of thinking, there is never any way to discover the palettes. I would expect the palettes to be an extra tab. Actually, I think, the simplest solution would be to deactivate the filter, once you activate a palette from the palettes menu. That way, you understand the system and it can stay how it is now.

We can agree this is not a bug, but I am sure there must be more people than just me who find this confusing.

No comprehensive feature rich software of any type is completely intuitive. There is always the need for training and experience to master the nuances of the interface and the various features. You think the ribbons in Office are intuitive because you are used to them. When the ribbons were first introduced in Office 2007 most people struggled with them until they became familiar. If you think PhotoLab is not intuitive then check out the interface for PhotoShop or Affinity Photo. There is a lot to learn in PhotoLab. With regard to the filter bar, I suggest you download the help manual from within PhotoLab 4 and search for Smart Workspace.


Regarding workspaces I recommend to watch this video until 7:45:

and in case you are interested in a 2-monitor-setup, which makes life easier
How many of you uses a big or dualscreen mode and hoe many is working on tablet/laptop?

I understand your thinking when you consider the repair tool to be a “local adjustment” rather than “global” - but, it’s not a Local Adjustment (there’s a subtle difference) … LAs are what’s being referred to in the conditional-paste window.

Regarding your workspace (palettes) layout, you may find this helpful.

Regards, John M

#1: It works for me, unless the dropdown list of selections is showing. Clicking on the zoom percentage twice (to make the dropdown list go away), I can type any number I want from 12 to 400, followed by Enter, and the number is accepted. There is a similar difficulty with entering a crop ratio. (DxO determined it’s not a bug.) Inputting a number works, but it has to be done the right way.

#5: this is probably the same bug in the image viewer that has already been identified by some of us here in the feedback forum: certain adjustment actions cause the viewer to stop updating correctly. Sometimes switching images restores it, sometimes you have to restart PhotoLab. If you can reproduce it reliably, I suggest submitting a ticket to with instructions for reproducing it. Test images can be uploaded to and matched to an open support ticket.

A brief remark about (1). IMO, 200% should be one of the zoom levels in the dropdown menu. With high resolution monitors, 200% basically plays the role of 100%.

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  • Already fixed and will be delivered with the next release.

Svetlana G.


Thanks for that DxO and to you Svetlana to relay the news.
Best day to you.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Stupid question maybe but how do I get that screen where you can check/uncheck those options as your picture above?

If you look at my post, you will see the first picture is the menu you get when you right-click on a thumbnail and the second shows the item to select on that menu to show the options when pasting the corrections you have copied from another image or version of an image.

Thanks. I did try that last week but chose the wrong option I think because the check/uncheck screen didn’t came up… Now I’ve checked again and it is okay.

Any idea when this will be?

By the way, the same problem applies to the horizon rotation angle. The input field suffers from a degree sign “°”.

I change horizon and white balance rather often by entering numerical values, therefore this bug is really annoying.



May be in v4.2 announced mi-march.


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  • Yes, exactly.

Svetlana G.

I do hjave a very big problem since v4.1.x: I own a Nikon Z7 and several Z lenses also a not yet supported Z24-200. Before This was not a problem, I could see the pictures and even develop them, just without the lens corrections.
Buit since 4.1 the pictures do not appear in the browser anymore, not even the developed JPG’s! I cannot see them and I am not able to develop them at all!
This was never a problem before for any not supported lense but now I have to use another RAW converter if I use a not supported lens!

That’s very strange, Franz - - Is it possible you have a display filter set ? image
John M

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I have no filter set, and resetted filter several times! I have seen another post here of people who have same problems (no pictures seen in folders…)

Good morning @fscherz ,

First, do you have a red cross icon the the filmstrip toolbar when you open such folders?
If yes, it seems to me you’ve got a problem with your database. Could you, please, create a ticket on and provide your logs (%UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs) and Database (%appdata%\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 4\Database) there?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.