Like vs. Vote

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Hi everyone !

Thanks @sgospodarenko to point that out, and thanks @roeslewf to bring this topic up !

We’ll indeed look into this very quickly with Bruno, starting by cleaning up the requests log, and see how it may be necessary to grant more vote power to regular contributors, which would seem fair enough.

Stay tuned ! :slight_smile:


Thanks very much. Your quick response is appreciated.


Any news on this? It has been four weeks now and you are announcing PL2 EA already.

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Thank you

Svetlana G.

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On it !
I’m cleaning / Closing the suggestion topics that have been backed up, thus releasing votes for everyone that has voted!
Regarding the vote capacities, it has been increased according to users activity (and trust level groups)

Enjoy :wink:

Best regards,


Thank you!
How do we find out how many votes we now have?

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Normally, when you vote for a topic, you have a message that tells you how many remaining votes you have.


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Also, you can go here, in your profile, to see your votes (and thereby count them):