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the FAQ tells me “Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button”. But as far as I see, there are forums with a like button (as here) and forums with a “vote” option.

The FAQ should explain this and how to use “vote”.

(Svetlana G.) #2


‘Like’ is used under the posts you really like or support while ‘Vote’ is used for selecting/suggesting the new feature you want to see most in the new version of the application.
Your votes are limited while you can put ‘Like’ as many as you want.

But you are right it should be clarified.

Thank you
Svetlana G.


as far as I see, only the first posting in the “Which feature do you need?” forum doesn’t allow “like” but just “Vote”, correct?

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(Jim Scott) #5

I understand the value of limiting votes, but…

It would be nice to be able to show support for a suggested “minor feature” that is not likely to garner votes. Being able to “like” the suggested new feature would provide a second tier for endorsing an idea.

Is this set-up completely controlled by Discourse -
or would this Forum’s moderators be able to change this if desired?

Example - Soon I will be proposing a “minor” but very useful feature in the PhotoLab Forum:

Being able to draw straight lines with the “Local Adjustments” Brush tool; currently there is no way to do this.

Click at the beginning of the location for the straight line with the Brush tool, then click at the end location with the Brush tool while holding down the “Shift” key. (Just like Photoshop.)

I doubt this “minor” feature suggestion would get (m)any votes - but people could still show support with their “likes” - 10 “likes” would be significant I think.

The Forum seems pretty disciplined and thoughtful about how they express themselves and it doesn’t seem likely they would abuse this set-up, especially if they were given clear guidelines; and it could be always changed back (if it can be changed at all) after a trial period.

Thank You.


Yes, the four available votes are rather limiting, and they allow no weighting.

(Svetlana G.) #7


Yes, this can be a way to support the idea as well. And as I’m the person who is usually analyzing the Forum posts will pay attention to “Likes” as well.

Do not worry, I won’t miss them :wink:

Svetlana G.

(Jim Scott) #8

Thank you for that… but it would be useful if there was a “like” capability in the original “Vote” post - right now that can’t be done.

If this “like” feature can not be added to a “Vote” post due to how Discourse works, one work around would be for the OP to immediately make a second post underneath (which of course can be “liked”) explaining its purpose.

(Melbourne, Australia) #9

Good tip, Jim !
I’ve just “liked” it :wink:

(Svetlana G.) #10

Hello Jim,

I’ll ask if it depends on our moderation or the site system rules. @gpailler could you, please, check?

Thank you

Svetlana G.

(Jim Scott) #11

How are we doing with this request?

Thank You.

Note: One issue with “Vote” & “Like” on the same post might be the clarity of purpose with this set-up…

Do readers of the post “Vote” & “Like”?
Maybe they just “Like” because that is standard practice (habit) to show appreciation - but miss the “Vote” opportunity.

A note from the “feature request” originator would help with this possible issue.

(Svetlana G.) #12


He will check it as soon as he gets back from the holidays.

Svetlana G.

(Jim Scott) #13

Actually I looked this topic up just now on the Discourse site, and it appears the Moderator can elect to have both a “Vote” & “Like” capability in the same post.

(Melbourne, Australia) #14

Hello Svetlana,

Whichever way this goes, it would be great to have a formal announcement to clarify the rules and treatment of votes and/or likes - - so we have a clear understanding of what counts to influence enhancements to DxO applications.

Regards, John M

(Svetlana G.) #15

Hello John,

I totally agree with it. Let’s just wait when this feature will be unlocked.

Svetlana G.

(Svetlana G.) #16

Well, well we need @bsayakhom help here.

Bruno, could you, please, unlock the “like” option?

Thank you

(Bruno S.) #17

Hello Jim, actually it’s a feature request, as for now the capability to directly post “Likes” on the original vote thread is not possible in Discourse.
About make it clear about the use of “Likes” and vote system, we’ll make our best to do it asap.



Request: Indication that Local Adjustment(s) have been applied
(Jim Scott) #18

Thank You for your reply Bruno!

For now I’m going to go with “Plan B” which is to create a second post immediately under my “Request Feature” topic that indicates people should “like” the second post if they want to indicate support for the requested feature but do not want to give up a vote for it, or simply are out of votes.


Hello Bruno and Svetlana,
don’t you think the time has come to grant people a few more votes, at least to those that contribute here on a very regular base. Most of the regular contributors have spent all their votes and the voting process has almost come to a hold despite further very clever feature requests. This seems to defeat the purpose of your voting sytem to me. Another possibility could be to disclose which feature requests have already been accepted and to free the corresponding votes. I really feel there has to be done something here.
Thank you.

(Svetlana G.) #20

Hello @roeslewf,

Well, it’s a direct question to @bsayakhom or @fdeitos. So guys, could you, please, analyze the suggestion and make a decision?

Thank you