Issue with Apple Photos I know it is not "supported" but have an issue and the Preview of PureRAW

I have an M1 iMac running Monterey and very happy using Apple Photos for organizing and basic adjustments. I wanted to try PureRAW (since the DXO Optic Pro for Photos no longer is being updated for cameras) and I realize the program does not work with extensions for Photos. However whether I try to use the “Edit With” option in Photos (the app will open but the photo never gets to PureRAW) or use a program called External Editors (a Photos extension that opens image files in external editors) which will open PureRAW with the selected image BUT the EXPORT option in PureRAW (even after being set up for Photos to be one of the export options) won’t work as the Photo (neither the resulting JPEG or the original RAW) will be returned to Photos. It seems it will only be sent to a folder in Finder.
My question - because I do like the results of PureRAW on my Olympus and Sony RAW files - is will it work the way I would like/expect in the full versions as opposed to the Free Preview version?