Is there a way to delete "Advanced History" for an image or delete 1 or more steps?


If you make a virtual copy of a RAW file, what you get is just another set of adjustments in the .dop file. No physical file is created - certainly not a jpg.

Here is a screenshot of one particular image that I have played with a lot, trying to find the best rendition

I have a “master” and 6 virtual copies but, on disk, I only have the original .NEF file and one .dop file, which contains all the changes made to all the virtual copies.

At any time, I can make another virtual copy, based on any of the present copies, and then either revert that copy to have absolutely no edits at all or I can continue to make further changes to the virtual copy.

A virtual copy is also a copy. It’s a new edit list in the dop file. I’ve to think about it: make one and don’t forget it.
When working on an image like you they’ve a lot of value. But when just trying out something it’s just like working with jpg: make a copy. And here it’s a virtual copy.


I believe Photoshop allows you to create a (or several) snapshot(s) of work done so far and then revert to one of those snapshots at a later time.

If you have invested a lot of time and effort into editing a particular image but you want to try out something else, you can freeze the work on the original or master copy (snapshot it) and then continue working on a virtual copy, knowing that all your past hard work will not be lost.
Call it a snapshot that you can revert to, or a virtual copy that you can delete; it’s the same thing and far more useful than a history list where you stand a chance of losing work whilst stepping back

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All examples of the need to have an ability to go back. But with a decision on the forehand: before I work on that picture make a copy, before I continue make a snapshot, before I continue make a virtual copy, etc.
I would like to have an ability to go back without thinking I might want to go back so take action first.
I can start a re-edit with a toggle of/on of a certain tool so I can see in the history list what the old edit was. But again I must think of it.