Is the forum alive?

(Marco Borghesi) #1

Hi everyone I’m wondering if this forum is alive. Sepciallt from DXO side. Can anyone reply? Are the financial problems effecting the company, then forum the future of the products? At least give a sign as I’m asking question and suggestion that I think is relevant to fully enjoy this great camera and its accessessories but no one is replying? Also on Facebook you don’t get any message in return. I’m starting to get worried that the system is going to die and it’s a shame.
Hope anyone will reply.

(Svetlana G.) #2


Yep, the Forum is alive and active apart from DxO One section.
About the current state of the company, here is the information -

Svetlana G.

(Marco Borghesi) #3

Thank you Svetlana. What about the future of DxoOne? Are we still safe? Is the system alive?

(Svetlana G.) #4


Right now there is no news to be shared. But as soon as we get them, I’ll let you know.

Svetlana G.

(Jim Scott) #5

May 1st is your reply date, yet on June 6th (one month ago) the news in the link below was widely available:

here is some information about the future of the DxoOne - and notice it’s is not on the web site any more…

(Marco Borghesi) #6

Yes I know. Disappointed by the way the company workout the whole thing specially in regard to their customer like me as one if them. Anyway that’s life I moved on from DxO unfortunately I lost any trust in the company but who cares. They just lost one customer.
Thank you Jim for it anyway.

(Jay Noggle ) #7

I love this little camera. Got mine a few months ago.