Is Nik collection 2 bundled with PhotoLab 3 Elite?

Hey there,

I currently have a license for PhotoLab 1 Elite and I would love to upgrade to PhotoLab 3 Elite for $69.
But, I see that there is a bundle for PhotoLab 2 (Essentials) with Nik collection 2.

Will Nik collection 2 be included with PhotoLab 3 Elite? I probably wont buy it if its not included and wait for a bit longer…


It works the other way around, Jeroen …

If you buy the Nik Collection then you get PL2 Essentials for free.

  • Now that PL3 is out, I’m not sure if that will change (to bundling PL3 Essentials with the Nik Collection).

  • Either way, tho, the Nik Collection is not included with PLx Elite.

John M