iOS version

It’s probably totally unrealistic, but I would really like a version that runs on my iPad Pro. It’s now my main editing platform and I would really like using the pencil to move control points…

Glad to see someone else thought about it too. I would absolutely love to have Nik software available for the iPad Pro. For a starter, ColorEfex Pro and SilverEfex Pro would be fantastic.

Any plans about that by DXO?

Out of curiosity, can you calibrate the screen of an ipad?

No. At least I don’t know a way to do it.

On the other hand, any editing I have done so far on my iPad did turn out to be alright on my PC for further editing or printing.

Have a look at Snapseed. It might be all you need…

I have Snapseed and I am using it. It has some nice filters from Nik, however it’s a limited subset of what’s available on Nik. It would have become an even better editing software if it had u-point local adjustments in addition to brush tool in layers, and more filters from ColorEffex Pro. Just my 2 cents.

What if Affinity photo on iOS could make use of plugins like NIK ?
I have no idea if it is possible with « minimum » efforts from DxO.
We probably do not need a standalone iOS Nik version, do we ?

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@m-photo That would be amazing. Maybe the Apple Catalyst project could help DXO to port the NIK code somewhat easily to iOS.

We need to ask Affinity if they will support plugins on iOS, I hope so !