Invert U-point mask for selective color


Hi at all,

can anyboby tell, if it is possible to invert a U-point mask?
In my opinion it is the easiest way to get a picture with a selective color / color key.

Until a year ago, I was using Capture NX2 with ColorEfex. There the U-point mask was extended with a + and - symbol to define the application area.
It would be very nice, if I could use this functionality…


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(Christian) #2

This is not yet possible. The feature request to invert the mask is accepted (Invert Mask capability), but nobody knows how high it is in the list of planned features.

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(Adriano) #3

Until a few months I did everything in Photoshop. Then I discovered Photolab with his U-point feature that changed my way to work. Masking is great but I also very much miss the capability to invert Masks as you can do it in Photoshop. Then often I don’t want to do only a correction in the mask but also outside the mask. I can well imagine that it will be not an easy task to make it available but it would make it extremely powerful and shorten the masking time tremendously!

(Svetlana G.) #4


Please, wait a bit, as it’s already said above the request is accepted and I can confirm it’s very high in the list :wink:

Svetlana G.

(Jim Scott) #5


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(Mark) #6

I wouldn’t pop the cork on your champagne just yet Jim. Based on the speed of implementing new features and enhancements into PhotoLab over the last couple of years, it’s possible you won’t see something like that until version 4 is released towards the end of 2020. I, for one, would be absolutely thrilled if I’m proved totally wrong, but I’m certainly not going to hold my breath until it materializes.


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(John Barrett) #7

As speedy as version 4! Thats after the slow processing of large files is sorted and all the other improvments floated in the past fly in.

(Marc) #8

Guys, do not be that pessimistic, it will not help the situation :neutral_face:
What if you would send some good feelings and thoughts to DxO staff ? Maybe they will feel it and rejoyce instead of beeing under pressure and sarcasm :wink:

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(Mark) #9

I try to send good feelings most of the time, and have been chastised for defending DXO by several regulars here. I’m not looking for them to give me the moon, just 2 or 3 important new features that have been on the list for quite a while. At least then we will know they are still serious players in this game.

Its frustrating to read about full and interim releases of other software containing new features or major enhancements and still see nothing from DXO. PL 1 was released almost two years ago. Since then, you can count the number of significant new features on one hand and have a finger or two left over. :roll_eyes:

There was nothing much new in PL version 2 when it was released except for an update to Clearview and a rudimentary search feature in the Photo Library. Nothing significant in the Nik collection versions 1 & 2 when they were released. And, then there were all the teasers we’ve gotten since PhotoLab version 2 was released promising the introduction of new features in interim releases. So far, despite what we were told on this forum, not one new feature, or major update to an existing feature, has been introduced in any of the interim releases except for the Nik Collection button.

Can you blame me for being skeptical? I really love using PhotoLab Elite and I know things have been very rough financially for them. However its well past the time for them to step up and add very long overdue functionality if they want to be able to compete in this market and convince us to stay with them.


(Svetlana G.) #10

Hello guys,

  • I do understand your skeptisizm but believe me we’ve learnt the lesson and got back to the image developing features.

Svetlana G.

(Mark) #11


Thank you for your response. I hope you are correct. However, based on what has been implemented in the last two years your positive feedback is, unfortunately, no longer enough. We have two expressions in the US, “Talk is cheap.”, and “Actions speak louder than words”. We need to see actual new features implemented into PhotoLab if we are to believe that DXO is back on track.


(Svetlana G.) #12

Dear Mark,

You had the chance to ensure :wink: Do you remember my invitation?

Svetlana G.

(Mark) #13

I’m don’t understand what you mean by a “chance to ensure”, and unfortunately, I don’t recall any personal invitations.


(Svetlana G.) #14

I’ve replied you via a personal message.


Svetlana, can you tell what’s to be expected or what you guys working on for PL3 coming up?
I think that would be great to have a thread with a chart of what’s been requested, in progress and next to be work on. That way the same question don’t comeback multiple time.

(Adriano) #16

Good input! An open planed development schedule would help a lot.

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(Svetlana G.) #17

Guys, I’d love to but I’m not allowed. I can just confirm that this time it’s image editing features.

Svetlana G.

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(Svetlana G.) #19

Corrected the expression to “image editing” :slight_smile: (this is what I meant actually, sorry) Better now?

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(Marc) #20

An open planed development schedule would help a lot.

Sure that would be great. But well, except open source projects, who does this ?
At least a better overview of the « acknowledged » or « under review » topic would already help. (For example by editing the title of the thread to add a prefix)