Internal Error (Correction failed on the execute stage)

(Bob Murden) #1

Internal Error (Correction failed on the execute stage)
This occurs as soon as you try and load an image
The camera and lens combination was supported (surprisingly) and plugin downloaded
Canon EOS-M10 with Canon 24mm f1.4 L mk1
Bit of an unusual combination.
What is the issue here?

(Bob Murden) #2

Removed plugin and images will load for basic unsupported corrections
Added plug in again, Error returned

(Svetlana G.) #3

Hello @bobmurden,

Could you, please, provide me with some sample images for the investigation?
Please, upload them here - under your name instead of “support ticket number” and notify me when ready.

And one more question, if you install a module but apply “No correction” preset - do you have the error?
Thank you
Svetlana G.

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(Bob Murden) #4

OK, I’ve uploaded 3 images and 3 screen shots
01 DXO main screen shows the image OK when no plugin is installed
02 As soon as the plugin is installed the main editor screen goes error
03 Error as soon as any subsequent image using the plugin is attempted to be worked on

Kind regards

(Bob Murden) #5

If I apply 4 - No correction the image returns,
From there I can click other corrections in the Preset editor panel and the colour and contours are affected but there is no geometry corrections (unless it’s already a perfect lens - hard to believe!)

All the corrections appear to work but with no geometry, but only if ‘no corrections’ is selected first.
Loading an image in any other preset causes the error

Clicking Compare shows the before and after where it is clear no lens corrections have been made

It will export to disk and the exported image reflects the changes made.

A bit complicated!


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(Bob Murden) #6

The EF-M50 version of the plugin works fine

(Svetlana G.) #7

Hello Bob,

Thank you for the files. We can reproduce the issue and will correct the module as soon as possible.

Svetlana G.

(Bob Murden) #8

Can you check this out,
This is an EOS-M50 with EF-M 18-55mm
The corrections are actually introducing lens distortion that wasn’t there in the original shot.

(Svetlana G.) #9

Hello @bobmurden,

The image you provided does not have the module support at all. Could you, please, better upload it to our server and let me know when ready?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.