Interests in Accessory Support for DXO One parts (new aftermarket items)

So as an FYI I’m considering setting up a small business to supply the DXO One market by building accessories using high res 3D scanner and a hi res SLA resin (UV laser cured) to make non available accessories which are exact replacements to the accessories DXO used to make. Please PM me to let me know of your interests.

so…lookers no wanters…is the dxo one so unpopular?

Yeah I’ve been looking everywhere for some of those accessories like the attachment with additional battery that also has a 1/4” female thread on the bottom for attaching to tripods etc.

Yes!! I just saw your post. I’m definitely interested in the Optical Adapter.

Waiting to see I get more than two yes’s…cost to do 3D scanning (high res), and SLA 3D printing…initial layout about $1250 to $1500; and thats small scale.

I’m interested! I just got the DXO one and purchased the outdoor shell, but I really want the optical adapter and the stand. Please keep us updated if you garner enough interest!

we stopped sales of the DxO ONE and its accessories in March 2018. We no longer have these products.
If you want to buy accessories, we invite you to look on sites like amazon.

I’m interested in the optical adapter maybe x2.

Definitely interested in all DxO One accessories!

I am interested in after market parts. do you know anyone using DXO one with iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12 pro?