Interactive New User Tutorial

A newbie here. I’ve been reading and learning from all the pros here. Every time I get a new “badge” it’s a bit surprising, but it made me look closer at the available badges. One such is “Certified” which one earns by reading the Interactive New User Tutorial. I’d think this was an empty badge and no way to earn it because no matter how I search the site for such a thing, all I find are links to tutorials on various DXO products. However, there’s at least one user who joined in past 24 hours and has already “earned” this badge.

To be honest, much more interested in reading the DXO pro forum interactions about how to customize the workspace, how to tweak dark/light areas of photos using various tools, etc., and I have already learned a ton. But maybe if I could find a link to this “New User Tutorial” I might actually understand site navigation better and eventually have an impactful membership here.

Thanks in advance!

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No one? Folks are earning this badge - must be some way to get there from here? If no suggestions I’ll delete this post but seems like someone somewhere has dropped a ball. Other than that I’ve appreciated the opportunity to read all the comments/suggestions/tweaks/methods for using dxo and it’s various products.

I can guess what this is. When I joined as a new user, I received a private message from an interactive bot. I didn’t perform all of the new user exercises it suggested, which would explain why I don’t have the Certified badge. Check your messages. If there’s nothing there, then this bot might no longer be part of the forum software.

Thanks. That’s what I figured but went through all the notifications in my inbox. Even got the terms of service badge or whatever. But yet even now there are a few users each week that earn it! Just don’t know their magic. I could message them but that seems spammy. :slight_smile: it’s all good. I’ll drop it. Maybe I’ll stumble across the secret formula someday.