Installing Nik Collection V2 - Users should be warned about DPL Essential installation

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Users already owning DPL Elite should be warned about the installation of DPL Essentials when installing Nik Collection V2. They must use the Cancel button when the Nik Collection installer tries to install DPL Essentials. Otherwise, their DPL Elite installation might be wiped out.

DPL Essentials and Nik Collection should be installed separately. Adding DPL Essentials to the Nik Collection installer is a mistake.

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if everything works according to plan you do not need a warning. If you have Elite installed, then the installer will not touch it. In other words you will not be downgraded.

It is does not go according to plan then you can always reinstall Elite.
The idea is that you get Essentials “for free”


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Are you sure ? See there :

Q: After purchasing Nik Collection 2 by DxO, and receiving DxO PhotoLab 2 ESSENTIAL Edition as well, why did the new download of DxO PhotoLab 2 write over my existing version of DxO PhotoLab 2?

A: The download of DxO PhotoLab 2.3 (or upper) will overwrite any former version of DxO PhotoLab 2 because it is an updated build of DxO PhotoLab 2.


Why on earth would anyone who has Photolabs Elite want essentials for free. Sounds a bit like laziness to supply two download links or was it to hide the fact that you are charging £50.00 for a very small upgrade to Nik

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It isn’t really free, is it? :smile: I think including a license for PL2 Essential Ed. might be a good strategy for marketing to customers who aren’t using PL2 yet. But it also seems a bit of a blow to those who already bought PL2 and Nik 1.x and would like the few improvements in Nik 2. Surely this will translate to less income in the short term, not more? Margin over volume. Just my opinion - I guess DxO execs know what they are doing even if we don’t. Fortunately, I’m happy not updating Nik and instead paying for continuing improvements to PL2 (as long as they are actually delivered).

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For folks who already own Photolab Essential or Photolab Elite, or for those who have no interest in acquiring and using Photolab as their raw processor, upgrading to Nik Collection 2 is a somewhat marginal purchase decision. For new users who are not committed to a particular raw processor and are not already current users of the Nik Collection, $99 USD for both Photolab Essential and the Nik Collection version 2 is actually quite a bargain.

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I would agree if you have neither then its a good deal but for their current user-base I think for what is improved its a bit steep.

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I can’t argue with that.


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Hi ,

I have PL Elite and I did the update of it BEFORE installing the NIK v2.
This probably prevented me to have the situation.

Sure the installer of Nik should double check the edition and eventually let the user choose if he wants to install PL Essential or not.


It seems to me that probably the easiest solution would have been to offer the new NIK collection to current PhotoLab users that upgrade/update to 2.3 the same way they do with Film Pack and View Point and offer the current method for new PhotoLab users and those only interested in plugins for other applications.

Then again, I don’t have an MBA in marketing so what do I know.

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