Info-window on mouseover

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My screen looks exactly like the screenshot above from Scribe. I am on Mojave, all up to date.
and DPL 3.2 build 50

Same here.

Ha! Sorry guys, I’ve missed Win’s screenshot and haven’t dig enough into what the problem is.
We do not have this preference on Mac for the moment.
I’ll try to check on the next week if we plan to add it in the future release.

Catalina and PL are up to date.
Behavior is the same in light and dark mode.

Honestly, I would expect this option here:


I’ve checked with the team and we plan to do the same modification on Mac side as well in one of the future releases.

Yup, that could be the most suitable place.

This is really bad. The product is unusable for me (Mac user) without the ability to disable the info popup. Hope it appears soon.


SteveD - why is it “unusable”, it is just a pop-up


An unbearable pop-up…


I find it useful in certain situations.

To each his own ! That’s precisely why it has to be optional :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…which is still not the case - at least in build 51.

I expected the option already in this build - what has happened, ‘akarlovsky’? :wink:

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Version 3.3 build 54, still see no option to turn off this popup off on the Mac.

Thank you SteveD, that’s really disappointing… I don’t think I’ll bother to update until this is ‘fixed’. I’m sure the new features in 3.3 are wonderful but it really is about time this was resolved for us Mac users who absolutely hate this wretched pop-up.

Actually, yes, it is !

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I’m wondering how many developers are working on the Mac-version of DxO PhotoLab. Single digit?

And what is the share of macOS on all licenses sold for PL3? 10%? How many Windows licenses come on one macOS license?

I really try hard to understand why such a UI modification, which already has been done for Windows, is so hard to implement for macOS.

Has this economical or technical reasons?

regards - Matthias

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I’ve just read Zkarj thread re a scrolling issue with 3.3 - please let it not be true that someone has spent time actually making the pop-up worse!


Et toujours rien dans la version :frowning_face: