Image scrambled in HDR Efex Pro 2

Hi all, I tried to search for this topic but couldn’t find a similar thread. Sometimes when I process an image in HDR Efex Pro (single image), the output is all pixelated and scrambled. If I revert the changes and process it again in HDR Efex Pro, the output is fine. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have this issue too. It drives me bonkers! Tried the updates but nothing works. I’ve messaged DXO for a fix.

I have just spent two hours trying to resolve this same problem that I randomly get when post processing in this mode. Any answers, thoughts, ideas?

I just remembered that in some modules there was (could be) a problem with the GPU.

Try with checking / unchecking the GPU use, if that has an effect.

note – DFine, HDR 2 and Sharpener are not renewed yet

Good afternoon, I am experiencing the same problem. I use HDR Efex a lot and it is scrambling the image. Do you have plans to resolve this?

I occasionally have this problem (for the last couple of years, actually). It does have to do with the GPU for image processing. It was checked, then I unchecked it. Still scrambling, then I checked it back, and it worked. One would think they would have corrected this ongoing issue.

How Do I find " Use GPU for image processing"? It makes me crazy ! Thanks :wink:

Hi Monique – and welcome in this User Forum.

→ Nik Collection → HDR Efex Pro 2 → Settings → GPU
check out if it has an effect

(note – I’m on Windows)