Image refresh/goes black when i pick a tool


I upgraded to V3 few days ago from 1.22 for black friday deal. I didn’t expect any major features maybe some performance improvmeents.

However now whenever i choose the eyedroper the image goes black to refresh, this takes a second or 2. So the image preview is regenerated everytime i pick a tool. It’s soooo annoying.

In 1.22 this doesn’t happen, picking eye dropped immediately lets you pick a color.



Hello @kattouf,

In PL3 WB picker is redesigned and displayed in a new viewer. The switch between the viewers is visible.
But at the same time the tool was improved. Please, play a bit and give us a feedback.

Svetlana G.

The new eyedropper is annoying for sure, it’s too noticeable. See if you can speed it up a little please.
Also the Compare button doesn’t work while Eye dropper is selected. Probably for reason you gave.

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