Image cannot be processed - file size limite?

I’m running a demo of photolab 3. The issue I’m having is that I receive the error “Image cannot be processed because of an unknown error” when the image size is over 2GB. This happens when I save my .tif files with layers in photoshop which produces files that can range between 1.5-3GB. Is it not possible to open these large files within photolab? I have no problem with C1 or Lightroom reading these files.

Hello @rick27,

can you provide us the image so we can test and fix the problem ?
Please use something like wetransfer as your image is pretty heavy.


You have piqued my curiosity, Rick ! …What do you then do with these TIFF files within PL ?

John M

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Actually the problem is that the thumbnail is not even displaying the image. So, I don’t really know what the file is when browsing my photolibrary or projects. I would also like to be able to open the file in photolab so that I could use nik output sharpener because I make different size of files.

Hi Rick

In that case, wouldn’t you be better to invoke Nik Output Sharpener directly from PS - rather than pass it thru PL (if you’re not actually using any of the features of PL along the way) ?


It would be nice to have the option to additional adjustments in PL post PS, but I know what you’re saying. It’s still a bug, in that I can’t browse through my library of images to see the what they are, since they are grayed out.