I need your opinion again: just Yes or No!

Hi everyone,

I’d like to just ask you this:

(UPDATE w/ better explanation) :
—What about an option in PhotoLab to always render Prime images first in your export queue?

Example: you have like 30 images selected that you are ready to export and 5 of them use Prime noise reduction. With this option enabled, the 5 Prime images will be the first to be rendered in your export queue.

Please, answer directly here with either YES or NO (and a few more words, because posts on our forum need at least 10 characters… :wink: )

Thank you!!!
Steven L.

NO - Rendering does not follow any order anyway, e.g. when I import sidecars.

No, earlier last, faster one’s first

Don’t understand. What does « their actual rendering queue position » mean ?

NO. I see no advantage.

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I think he means the export que, when you export as tiff or jpeg. Then prime is applied on the total image.

Question needs clarification. What are we talking about?

Too little information to be able to say yes or no. We need to better understand the implications of each option to give you an intelligent answer.


I have rephrased my post to better clarify the question…

OK, I have rephrased my post to better clarify the question…

@OXiDant @JMVQ @Scribe @platypus @mwsilvers
I have rephrased my post to better clarify the question… :sweat_smile:

For myself, I don’t see any great merit in this proposal. I store my RAW images in folders organised by date - year & month - and then location / event. I generally export all images in a folder after I have finished working on them with PhotoLab, and wouldn’t see any advantage from a particular order of export.

If you are going to do this however, then I assume there will be defined sequence covering all three of the three noise reduction options - HQ, Prime and Prime Plus.

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Thanks for your detailed feedback about your usual workflow!


It makes no difference to me because I rarely ever export more than one image at a time. And even if I did, I wouldn’t care which ones got processed first.


No, because export for me is a background task, while doing other work

No, but I want an count-down of the remaining conversions (or if it is already there: where?).

No. If I want them processed in a particular order, I’ll export them in that sequence myself.

No, cuz I always use Prime noise reduction :wink:

The default answer for me is “no”. I’m a hobbyist; I’m not processing large numbers of files. The order is unimportant for my purposes.

No. Speaking for myself there would be no benefit. When I have photos to do I walk away and do something else while the process runs.