How would you treat those pic

It’s always a pleasure to have someone else’s raw images to play around with, especially with
this kind of scene, which we don’t have anything like in Southern California … or anywhere nearby. I shoot a lot of landscapes with my G9+8-18mm Panasonic/Leica zoom. I took the liberty of cropping it, as I almost always do with my 8-18mm. I selected three areas for Spot Weighted Smart Lighting and set the intensity to 30. I used control points to add extra clear view and micro contrast to the clouds. I also used control points on the river and added micro contrast a big. I also removed the two birds, which are too small to add anything, in fact distract. I increased saturation in yellows and reds and decreased saturation in greens. Of course, I ran it through DeepPRIME; even at ISO 200 I always end up with some noise, particularly in sky and clouds, and I have yet to see it degrade image. This is exported JPEG 100%, but reduced in size using JPEGmini PRO.

kemer_1087051.RW2.dop (18.9 KB)