How would you treat those pic

ok i atacked it as i should with my images.
1 view in FRV. see if there is reason of problems in recovery. (my playroom) too dark or too bright. edge detection/sharpnes/dof that kind of thing.
exposure testing:

So this is my choice:

camera was right :wink:
other image:

step 2:
basic “my preset” and some tweaking not much:

it’s moody dark but fully visible like your eye’s would see.
_1087051.RW2.dop (22,0 KB)
my take with some tweaking on local points to balance the image and give it more detailed punch.

(i have with and without birds for viewing)

ok the flat image.
i like the fall colors and the bridge. and i hoped i managed to create that view you watched and decided to take the shot.
maybe it’s a bit to saturated/sharpened/dramaticbut it centres your view to the bridge and tree’s around it.
_1087063.RW2.dop (11,5 KB)
i have made a “as shot” and a cloudy Wb so more sunny look. (less blue)

Few minuts work.
oh and i envy you a PL50-200… arghhhh, i can affort it but not justify it… (and the 45-200mmii is eh don’t ask. :wink:)
pl12-60, l14-140mm, l100-300mmii, pl15mm f1.7.
i was thinking ok then the 35-100mmii f2.8 instead… :drooling_face: but my bag is “full” so no go at this time… unless they trow it in my face for a bargan… :sweat_smile:



I have only used Photolab 3 as my main editor for the last month, so I still feel quite new to it. (This is my first attempt to share an image, so I hope it works!)

Here is my attempt - I also used the middle of the bracketed shots.

My screen is calibrated.

Edit: Just to add I down sized these a lot but I notice some of you have large files - is there no limit on this forum? These look more punchy on my computer than they do on here.

_1087051.RW2.dop (12.5 KB)
_1087063.RW2.dop (13.0 KB)

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Thanks Folks and congratulations ! Interesting to see that a same picture can give different interpretations, especially on the bridge one.
I can’t open .DOP from Bebop. Neither from PL4 or PL3. Are u on Mac ? (but i think Joanna is also, aren’t you Joanna ?)

Thanks Peter for having taken the time. I see you are an expert in FRV ! I use it also but have a lot to learn about it yet.
I love the 50-200 mm, solid in the hand, quite sharp (especially at 5.6, which however can not produce lovely bokeh at lower range, for instance for a portrait). Not as sharp as my Oly 45mm 1.2 though.
I use it a lot for proxyphoto also, or macro with Raynox bonnet.

No expert, i know the buttons and setup due reading the manual.
You can setup the G9 's Dynamic Range so it has more acruate readout.
I use [usm] to look at the sharpnes/focus and use [egde detection] red and detail green to see if it’s in focus and for which part.
Then i use over and under exposure blinkies wile shadow boost or highlight recovery.
The raw Histogram shows you the under or overexposure level. Using exposure you can see how much headroom you have before clipping.

All and all it’s a great culling application. And as bonus it gives you a lead how to handle the rawfile in dxopl.

Enjoy your set , g9 and pl50-200mm, what more do you want? :grin:
I am happy with my g80 it’s 16Mp but quite nice no need to upgrade with this DeepPrime… :sweat_smile:

Okay, let’s howl with the wolves…

_1087050.RW2.dop (15.2 KB)

_1087063.RW2.dop (12.8 KB)


Love the B&W !

Yes I am on a Mac. This was in Photolab 3. I have just downloaded a trial of 4 and have been having a play this evening.

I use FilmPack a lot with PhotoLab and have come to really like some of the film emulations for nature scenes. One of the other advantages of FilmPack is selective contrast adjustments. On one photo, I also gave split toning a try.

_1087051.RW2.dop (9.4 KB) _1087063.RW2.dop (10.3 KB)

Hmmm, in my browser these images look flatter and less saturated than they do in PhotoLab. I wonder why.

There are so many ways to process a file … many good answers. I gave a try to the one with bracketing, using only the middle one _1087051.RW2. I processed the image just for optical corrections and DeepPRIME using PL4. Continued using Nik collection Color Efex.

Restarting from the processed image just for optical corrections and DeepPRIME, made a version within PL4 alone, without using NIK Color Efex.

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Trying mine again, exported to sRGB color space. The original was apparently undefined.

Hi Barb - - Check your ICC Profile setting in the Export dialogue … It should be sRGB for web usage.

John M

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and postcard?


i like the first… i have NIK free version but don’t use it much. same as filmpack emulators by the way. not enough patience to search and look which i like at that moment.
(:thinking: then i know never which i like…)

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Here’s my attempt, on the first scene (also using the “middle” image, like others have).

_1087051(John-M).RW2.dop (45.3 KB)

Man - Something you may wish to to consider is use of Spot-Weighted Smart Lighting (instead of the Tone Curve, which is global in its application - without ability for “finesse”). To use it, draw a rectangle on the image, and then move it around - especially over high-contrast areas - to see the result you get. You can draw multiple rectangles to have influence applied from different tones in the image (tho, one or two is usually sufficient).

Also, I see that you’re applying Unsharp Mask (perhaps 'cos you’re coming from a LR background?) - - which, again, has a global impact … whereas, you’ll most likely be better off relying on PL’s Lens Sharpness correction (which understands the specific characteristics of your {body+lens} combination). If you’re not happy with sharpness of the exported result, try Interpolation = Bicubic Sharper (especially if you’re resampling to smaller image size - as I did in the image above).

HTH - John M


Thank you, that’s interesting. I checked it and it had been left on As Shot - which I would expect to be sRGB on my cameras, but it is not my camera, so that might make sense.

I see you also commented on Unsharp Mask above. This is something I keep meaning to look into to see if there are any tutorials. I never use it - I am from a Lightroom background, but I’ve felt so far, that the sharpness was enough without it. I just seem to do less processing overall with Photolab 3.

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Now trying again with the sRGB profile - thank you so much for mentioning this, and I’m glad I said they were a bit flat. So much to learn!

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Very nice conversion

@RexBlock is the maker

i just love it to use.


If my camera is supported but there is no profile for my lens, I will use unsharp mask right ?
Or do you guys use another technique to bring some overall sharpness ?