How to view two images

(Erol) #1

I have not figured out how to view two separate images at the same time. In Lightroom I can select two images and view them side by side in one window. If I were comparing lenses at the same focal length it is usefull to view them at the same time rather than switching the images. If this can be done I would like to know. I have not found anything in the instructions. I am using the Mac version of PhotoLab.


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(Pascal) #2

You can not with DPL.
You can only compare two versions of the same image.

(Peter) #3

i feel a feature request popping up…:wink:

(Sigi) #4

On a Mac just press D and you will see the “before”

(Peter) #5

i think they ment comparing two different images numbers.
Not the before, what’s the not corrected one as in non corrected except optical, and latest correctioned image of the same shotnumber.


I use Faststone Image Viewer and it works exceedingly well and have a very good user interface - actually one of the best.

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