How do I shut off the NIK Collection App popup?

I just downloaded the new NIK Collection plugin apps for Photoshop. Now whenever I open a file in Photoshop, the giant NIK popup app bar blocks a quarter of the screen How do I shut it off? Help!

Try this:

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You can always minimise it - you may need it for Silver Efex 3 - although it appears to be working when launched from the PS Filters menu, on return to PS the layer created in not functional. Launching from the Nik launch app works fine - irritating, but not the end of the world until it’s fixed.

I have scrolled up and down the toolbar, and there is no settings icon to minimize it. I really don’t want to see the toolbar at all. If I want to use any NIK tool, I can go to Photoshop’s filter toolbar. This is so annoying, I’m ready to uninstall NIK. I can’t believe no one else is having this problem. The popup menu used to be small with a button to turn it off, this iteration has no way to shut it off. I also find it outrageous that there is no DXO tech support, and I am reduced to hoping someone has an answer on the forum.

On macOS, all the necessary items are there. Seems to be not the case in your installation.

Please check out what the user guide writes about the selective palette.