How do I enter an aspect ratio for the crop tool?

Hi Andrew - - Whilst NOT an exact solution to your requirement, it may help to note that one of the standard ratios provided is 7/5 … which is very close (close enuff ??) to A4 = 1.414.

John M

@John-M it depends on the size of the print. At small sizes the difference is trivial, but for a large canvas print the difference puts the edge wrap off by as much as 1cm. Even if you allow that much margin for error on the wrap you still have a hassle with the signature and numbering placement.

You can always save it as a preset. For precise DIN ratio figures, consult this page:

A4 paper measures 297 by 210 mm. This corresponds to a ratio of exactly 99:70
Note that other A paper sizes can differ slightly.

For printing, look at this thread (or any other that deals with it):

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Thanks, that’s a nice workaround idea! I’m sure it doesn’t matter which exact size in the √2 proportion I choose for it since once the crop is there it can be scaled keeping the proportion.

It might matter when printing. For (full)screen viewing, A ratio is utterly irrelevant because of current screen offerings… Also, sqrt(2) is the underlying idea of A ratio paper mostly and the paper you get can be off one or two mm, which can make a difference - if the printer can locate the image that precisely :crazy_face:

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We had been asking for A ratio for years and what we got was this version